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WIP Tegan by Laura Lee Eagles doll kit

Another custom order doll kit in the making. She is almost finished with her painting so I wanted to give everyone a quick look so far.
She will have strawberry blonde hair so her skin is fairly pale to make her hair stand out.
Her doll kit is the Tegan by Laura Lee Eagles and the details are amazingly realistic.


5 thoughts on “WIP Tegan by Laura Lee Eagles doll kit

  1. She is very adorable. Love the belly plate and her face is so sweet. Great job nikki!

  2. Hi nikki glad the move went ok and my 2 year old granddaughter is also very clingy so I know where you are coming from , could you give me some idea as to when tinkerbell is going to be ready as its coming up to holiday time and I would hate to miss her anyway I’m not pushing you as I know you are busy but it would be nice to be up to date with her as its been quite a while now anyway lots of love enjoy your new home and darling little girl xxx

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