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Tutorial on the Soft Touch Rooting Tool Kit

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MacPhersoncrafts is now also stocking our Soft Touch Rooting Tool Kit 🙂 They have done a short tutorial on how it works and what’s included.
Hope you all like them and find them helpful.

You can Purchse them directly from
Still Moments Nursery –
Macphersons Crafts –

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Soft Touch Rooting Tool Kit

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A soft touch rooting tool kit that has been specifically designed for reborn doll artists by Nikki Holland.
The tool is soft and flexible and very comfortable in your hand, especially during those long hours of hair rooting.

Kit includes: 
 – Storage Box / Stand
 – Pen Grip (Black)
 – Teardrop Grip (Black)
 – Tri Grip (Black)
 – Needle Insert Sleeve (Blue)
 – Needle Protector Cover (Red)
 – Needle Storage Tube + 2 x 38g Ultra Felting Needles 

– Reduces needle breakages.
– Soft & Flexible – Bends into hard spots like behind the ears.
– Reduces hand fatigue – 3 grip styles to rotate hand positions to avoid RSI.
– No metal parts scratching off your paintwork.
– Everything in one spot – No more loosing needles or tools.
– Uses cut or un-cut needles (uncut is prefered)

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New RDC with USB Heating & Light

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We have been working hard to bring you the latest release of our RDC…it now comes with heating pads and a light.
– Are you tired of having to warm up your rice sock?
– Breaking to many Needles?
– Need more light?
Well we have solved all these with the USB version of the RDC.

Great for Micro-rooting

We have 4 sizes available in the straight RDC aswell as 4 matching angled attachments to give you even more angles to get behind ears, back of head etc
The heating pads and light run on USB, so they are safe to use inside your dolls head without the risk of electrocution or burning the vinyl.

Purchase the full pack and save $$$

Here is the link to our new version of the RDC –
We hope you all like it as much as we do 🙂

Breathing Mechanism


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There has never been a more perfect time, to bring a new reborn doll into your family, with huge savings on all of Nikki’s Custom Reborn Dolls. We have also applied huge discounts on many of our best selling Reborn Doll products.

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Cuddle reborn babies sale
A cuddle baby is a less expensive reborn doll, that has a soft cloth body with no vinyl arms or legs. They are perfect for cuddling in close..

Breathing reborn mechanism sale
Bring your reborn dolls to life, with your very own breathing mechanism for your reborn dolls.

Reborn doll companion sale
The Ultimate Reborning Tool to use when creating your Reborn babies, toddlers and even your larger child size reborn dolls.

Ergonomic and in a wide range of colours.
Reborn beating heart sale sale
20% OFF Beating Heart Chest Plate.
USB rechargeable battery pack sale
Extend the life of your reborn breathers and audio boxes with additional recharble battery packs.
  Baby sounds boxes sale
Play baby sounds, songs and more from your baby sounds box.

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New attachment for bodies with chest plate

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Some toddler kits that have the chest plate, the only way you can attach them to the body is using string…..I didn’t like the string attachment so I asked Tim to help me work out a way of attaching them more securely and he came up with this awesome idea.
Its a clip that is added to the cloth body first and then a press stud is used to click on the chest plate.
He also added a ring for the neck part of the body, it helps hold the connector in place as well as keeping your stuffing in place to.
This is the result and I’m so happy with it. They are nice and strong and give a much nicer finish than string or ribbons.
We are wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing them for their dolls.
If we get lots of interest we will add them to the store for sale.

Here is a list of just some of the kits they will work on:
Cammi by Ping Lau
Armani by Olga Tschenskaja
Alessa By Olga Tschenskaja
Julieta by Ping Lau
Elena by Regina Swialkowski
Gabriela by Regina Swialkowski