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New Design For Neck Plate Attachment

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We have designed this attachment for Toddler kits that have a neck plate.
They are normally sewn onto the body with string but over time this can rip the body and then the head will not be attached to a cloth body properly and flop around.
This adapter avoids it by using the same method to attach a head as the smaller babies
Head moves freely on the ball joint for easy posing.
Head also sits lower on the body giving it a more natural look when dressed.

Suits kits like Cammi by Ping Lau and Isabella by Regina Swialkowski etc

Available for purchase here:

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The New Baby “Pillow” Talker

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This Baby “Pillow” Talker box doesn’t go inside your baby like our Sound Boxes do… it simply slips under your babies pillow / teddies or even in baby blankets and clothing.

Play built in baby sounds or connect via Bluetooth and add your very own sounds, songs and more.
The Baby “Pillow” Talker includes a convenient rechargeable USB battery pack.

Sample Sounds –

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