RDC - Reborn Doll Companion

The Reborn Doll Companion (RDC) is the ultimate tool to use when creating your Reborn babies, toddlers and even your larger child size reborn dolls.
The RDC has 4 different sized straight attachments, 4 sized angled attachments, Heat Pads and Light available to suit all doll head and limb sizes, and is perfect for those who find holding the head or limbs difficult while painting, hair rooting, or styling of your Reborns hair.
Very light and easy to use – uses a standard tripod.
Reduced RSI (Repetitive strain injury)
Helpful for those with Arthritis or hand problems
Avoids rubbing off your paint work when hair rooting
Stops knotting and matting of the hair
Makes styling and cutting hair much easier
Heatpads and Light making hair rooting easier
USB powered

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