Therapy Reborn Dolls – NDIS

Doll therapy Reborn Dolls are great for people with Dementia, Post-Natal Depression, or Depression/Anxiety who require ongoing care in the means of attachment.
Reborn Dolls introduced to people as a therapeutic intervention are very likely to benefit from the caretaking of a realistic baby.

Doll therapy is also known as Child Representation Therapy and Nurture Therapy. Research supports the use of doll therapy as a positive therapeutic intervention.
Doll therapy has also been proven to reduce behaviors of concern in both men and woman and children.


Patients can claim funding to pay for their Therapy Reborn baby

  • If your Self Funded then your able to just place your order online and proceed through checkout and make payment.
  • If your Plan Managed then you can still place your order online but during checkout select direct deposit when completing checkout, once checkout is completed an email confirmation will be emailed to you so you can give it to your Plan Manager to make payment.