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    Maigen Hopper
    Jun 9, 2023
    Nikki did an amazing job on my reborn! He looks so realistic and very beautifully done. I will be coming back to her in the future for more orders.

    Nicola Hill
    Jul 15, 2021
    Its a tad late but here is my Testimonial. Elliotts reborn arrived in April last year during the height of the pandemic after excitedly waiting for what seemed like a life time but was only a few months. He was made to look like my late baby son who passed in 2018, as a way to help my grief. Nikki knew my story and made Elliotts reborn look so life like. Taking him out the box once he arrived from his long journey was a emotional ride, I had my baby again. Many tears and Cuddles. Thank you Nikki for bringing myself and my family some comfort in our grief journey. We will never know how to fully repay you for the wonder service you have done for us, Thank you.

    Baby Jenifer
    Friday 30 October, 2020
    My baby Jenifer arrived today. Oh my, she is so beautiful. She resembles a real live baby. Thank you so much Nikki for the great job you have done. I will always be thankful to you for my baby Jenifer.
    Testimonial By: Elaine — QLD, Australia

    Thursday 30 July, 2020
    Received Cassidy today. What a beautiful doll! Obviously a great deal of time and exceptional skill went into creating her. And nicely packaged with some lovely extras. Couldn’t be more pleased!
    Testimonial By: Patricia — CO, United States

    Beyond Thrilled
    Wednesday 08 July, 2020
    My little Raven arrived yesterday and she is stunning! She even more beautiful in person and she was packed with so many amazing goodies. I’m blown away by the craftsmanship, love and talent that went into this doll! Even my mum has been complimenting just how beautiful she is! Absolutely amazing job Nikki!
    If anyone is thinking of buying a reborn, please consider buying from Nikki! I promise you won’t regret it
    Testimonial By: Caitlin — SA, Australia

    Molly Joyce Arrived!
    Friday 12 June, 2020
    Molly Arrived Today and I’m just so Over the Moon with how she turned out! You nailed this one Nikki! She looks exactly how I had pictured in my head, her skin tone is so gorgeous and I LOVE her painted Hair!! Thank you so much for another gorgeous Baby! I truly adore your work.
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    My Baby is the Sweetest!
    Sunday 02 February, 2020
    Thank you so much for my Brooklyn. I re-named her Aurora, and she is absolutely perfect! I can’t get over how beautiful her painting is, and her thick rooted hair is absolutely gorgeous and realistic. She looks like a real baby! Thank you so much, Nikki!
    Testimonial By: Michelle — MD, United States

    Tuesday 08 October, 2019
    Really thrilled with the baby breather with heartbeat and sound box. Really makes the baby “come alive”! Will be buying a smaller one at some point for a smaller reborn. Communication with Nikki was excellent.
    Thank you Nikki
    Testimonial By: Clare — , United Kingdom

    Baby Harrison
    Monday 16 September, 2019
    He is so perfect!!!! I just got my baby boy Harrison in the mail.. ^.^ thank you so so so much, highly highly recommend Nikki’s work absolutely beautiful!
    Testimonial By: Charlotte — ME, United States

    Sunday 28 July, 2019
    I am so grateful to Nikki for providing these lovely babies. I have purchased four dolls so far and love every minute I have with each of them. Each one has its own detail, skill, and unique character. This hobby has been such a blessing to me and added increased quality to my home and personal life!
    Testimonial By: Pamela — IL, United States

    Reborn Baby Noah Drake
    Tuesday 04 June, 2019
    Hi just want to say my experience with Still Moments Nursery and Nikki Holland was a 10 in my book. She responded to every question I had about my order and when I finally received my Noah Drake baby boy the quality is everything she said and displayed on the website. He is the Jake all vinyl doll feels like silicone. Very realistic features and Nikki’s paint work was beautiful . I would recommend anyone who wants a reborn to come to Nikki the money you spend on her reborns is worth every penny. I definitely will come back for another baby in the future. Mary Scinto from Connecticut USA. Thanks again Nikki!!!!!
    Testimonial By: Mary — CT, United States

    Saturday 01 June, 2019
    There are the best
    Testimonial By: Kylee — FL, United States

    Such a sweet little baby!
    Thursday 28 March, 2019
    I received my sweet little Merriweather, a custom Nessa by Marita Winters, and Nikki could not have made a cuter baby! I absolutely love everything about her! She is exactly what I wanted!! Thank you!!
    Testimonial By: Michelle — MD, United States

    Aadila Monroe..Beautiful Baby Girl!
    Thursday 29 November, 2018
    Aadila Monroe arrived home safe and sound today! I’m just sooo incredibly happy with her! Her painting is beautiful and flawless. Her box was packed up wonderfully and was such a beautiful experience being able to open her! Thank you also for going that extra mile with her hair, it came out so beautifully and just how I imagined, Thank you, I appreciate it so much! Thank you Nikki from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work on my babies. I adore every single one of them! Thank you! Aadila will be Cherished for years to come!
    – Chelsea
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    Isabella Rosaliena…So Happy!
    Thursday 29 November, 2018
    Isabella Rosaliena arrived home safe and sound today! I’m just sooo incredibly happy with her! Her painting is beautiful and flawless. Her box was packed up wonderfully and was such a beautiful experience being able to open her! Thank you Nikki from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work on my babies. I adore every single one of them! Thank you!
    – Chelsea
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    Addison s arrived
    Wednesday 14 November, 2018
    After a long stay at customs Addison arrived today she’s gorgeous I’m very happy to be her mummy she’s heavier than I expected thankyou Nikki the box opening was lovely I didn’t get to open it in the way you tubers do I rushed home in my lunch break to let her escape her box she’s been changed & fussed over by mummy & her 2 aunties she’s beautifully painted and all details thought of again thankyou so much
    Testimonial By: Kathy — , New Zealand

    Sunday 11 November, 2018
    i received my baby last thursday and he is perfect i am so pleased with him thankyou so much nikki
    Testimonial By: Tayla — NSW, Australia

    so excited
    Friday 02 November, 2018
    i am so happy that my baby boy is on his way home soon he is so perfect and nikki has done a great job if i ever get another reborn i will be coming here thankyou so much nikki and i cannot wait to meet him
    Testimonial By: tayla — NSW, Australia

    So happy
    Saturday 23 June, 2018
    I just received My baby today. I’m very please how she came out.Testimonial By: Trudy — NY, United States

    Pemma is welcomed home!!!!
    Wednesday 13 June, 2018
    Pemma arrived yesterday and I’m so in love! Nikki could not have made a more perfect baby for me! Pemma is perfect right down to every last detail! Pemma’s box was packed so beautifully too! You can definitely tell that Nikki thinks about every detail! And it truly shows! Thank you so much Nikki for creating Pemma for me!! I will Cherish her for years to come!!
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    Tu is Home!!!
    Wednesday 13 June, 2018
    Tu arrived yesterday and I’m so in love! Nikki could not have made a more perfect baby for me! Tu is perfect right down to every last detail! Tu’s box was packed so beautifully too! You can definitely tell that Nikki thinks about every detail! And it truly shows! Thank you so much Nikki for creating Brianna for me!! I will Cherish her for years to come!!
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    Parker Kyra Has Arrieved!!!
    Wednesday 13 June, 2018
    I always knew I wanted a Parker, I had her visioned a certain way in my head…..I was just waiting for the right artist and the right sculpt to come around and I really really have to tell you….this girl is soooooooo close to what I have pictured in my head for soooo long!!!!! This girl is definitely a forever baby! Thank you so much Nikki for bringing one of my dream babies into reality!!!!
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    My first toddler reborn
    Tuesday 24 April, 2018
    I received Noah recently and love him! I especially like how he hugs me when I hold him, what a wonderful feeling. Nikki, you did an amazing job, he is beautiful. It was really hard to wait for him but he was worth the wait!
    Testimonial By: Morgan — MN, United States

    Sera Jade Arrived!
    Sunday 04 March, 2018
    Sera Jade arrived yesterday! I’m just so in love, she’s the biggest baby that I’ve had in a long time, and I was a little worried that bonding with her would be a challenge, but as soon as I saw her face all worries went down the drain! She couldn’t be more beautiful! She’s perfect right down to every last detail!!! Thanks to Nikki for allowing me to pay over a layaway period so that I could afford to bring this girl home! As I saw her add on Facebook and it was instant love! Thanks so much Nikki for making such a beautiful baby! I will Cherish her everyday for years to come! Thanks so much Nikki!
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    Brianna has arrived!
    Sunday 04 March, 2018
    Brianna arrived yesterday and I’m so in love! Nikki could not have made a more perfect baby for me! Brianna is perfect right down to every last detail! Brianna’s box was packed so beautifully too! You can definitely tell that Nikki thinks about every detail! And it truly shows! Thank you so much Nikki for creating Brianna for me!! I will Cherish her for years to come!!
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    A Second Purchase
    Friday 29 December, 2017
    I was so impressed with Phoebe(the completed doll I ordered from you) that I ordered her a Custom “baby brother” yesterday!! Can’t wait to see how he comes out!!!!
    Testimonial By: Kate — OH, United States

    Reborn Baby Adelaide!
    Monday 18 December, 2017
    My Adelaide arrived safely home today, she was everything I expected and more! Thank you so much for all of the goodies, I will forever love her and if I am buying another reborn in the future, you will be my first choice! I love ALL of the outfits and you have given me so much more than I ordered! Thank you so much! The only thing that surprised me was how heavy she was! I love her! Her detailing is amazing! Thank you again!
    From Jazzy! 🙂
    Testimonial By: Penny — SA, Australia

    Saturday 02 December, 2017
    I just received my reborn today he is beautiful I love him
    Testimonial By: hannahlee — NY, United States

    My girls arrived!
    Sunday 26 November, 2017
    I recieved Analiese and Lilah yesterday! They are sooo beautiful I can’t seem to stop changing them and I defiantly can’t put them down for more then a few seconds! Going to work today was so hard as all I wanted to do was hold my new girls! Her painting is absolutely beautiful and flawless! She shipped so fast, I recieved her after only 5 days even though I’m located in the U.S. and the box opening was beautiful! You can tell nikki puts alot of time into every detail of the experience! These girls are worth every cent! I can’t wait to recieve the rest of my babies!
    Testimonial By: Chelsea — CT, United States

    My Eleanor 🙂
    Saturday 08 April, 2017
    THANK YOU SO MUCH NIKKI!!!!! She is the most adorable doll i ever seen. She arrived today and she is PERFECT!!!!!! I love this sweet little one. You are an amazing artist to do this. Continu your great job and make all of the reborn mommy happy 🙂
    Testimonial By: Karine — QC, Canada

    baby girl
    Wednesday 22 June, 2016
    today 6-22-16 l received my baby girl Ashley Nicole, thank you soooo much nikki . she is awesome,beauitful. i’m speechless. it was worth the wait. thamk you again. a pleased customer
    Testimonial By: hilda — MA, United States

    Monday 30 May, 2016
    Diezel arrived home safe and sound to newzealand. I am very happy with him I love him. You do exceptional work on your dolls he is perfect just what I wanted thanks Nikki
    Testimonial By: Rebecca — , New Zealand

    Saturday 16 April, 2016
    Jacob just arrived today! He is everything I had hoped for! Thank you so much!
    Testimonial By: Rebecca — TX, United States

    jamie kit
    Monday 06 July, 2015
    Thank you so much I ordered 17″ jamie kit extreamly happy with the kit and dvd was so easy to follow and thank you for my gift nikki now I’m going to get the next kit number 3 in the next 2 weeks thank you again :)))
    Testimonial By: Casey — VIC, Australia

    Reborning Supplies
    Monday 29 June, 2015
    Thanks Nikki for my Reborning Supplies that arrived today. So exciting for me to start reborning. I can’t wait to start watching the latest DVD “Real Effects Air Dry Painting Tutorial” I love watching your short videos of your reborn babies.
    Thanks once again, cheers Debbie xx
    Testimonial By: Debbie — QLD, Australia

    love your work nikki
    Friday 26 June, 2015
    Hey nikki your work on all the dolls are awesome!! well done kind regards casey gleeson 🙂
    Testimonial By: Casey — VIC, Australia

    Thank you
    Saturday 24 January, 2015
    Hello nikki. Just wanted to let you know that my beautiful little girl arrived safely today. She is absolutely beautiful!! Words can’t express how perfect she truly is. Thanks again and I will cherish her forever
    Testimonial By: meredith stringer — essexville, MI, United States

    Thursday 30 October, 2014
    I am so happy because I am getting the cutest reborn girl plus she is cheap for how much money I get so bye
    Testimonial By: Hope Fitzpatrick — keego harbor, MI, United States

    Natalie Silvia & Kai Michael
    Sunday 23 March, 2014
    This post is a few years late. I swore I made one but it looks like I didn’t. In late 2009, I ordered my custom girl from Nikki and through emails, she was able to make sure everything was done just how I wanted… And I must say Natalie is stunning! My prize of my reborn collection! Next week I will order lil Kai and even before placing the order or paying the deposit, Nikki has once again shown such dedication to her job and has answered each email with care. I can picture Kai already and it is so wonderful to know for sure what I see in my head Nikki has the skills to create! For custom reborns, go nowhere else!
    Testimonial By: Marie Orso — Vancouver, WA, United States

    I am excited!
    Monday 03 March, 2014
    For several months I have been wanting a reborn toddler. I have searched through many websites and saw nothing that appealed to me. I have visited this website many times and have seen several videos of your work and I liked what I saw. A few weeks ago I placed my order for a custom made toddler. I know it will be a while before I can get him but I know that it will be worth the wait. You do a wonderful job on these reborns and I hope you keep up the awesome work!
    Testimonial By: Rebecca Spaulding — San Antonio, TX, United States

    Starla …adorable
    Tuesday 18 February, 2014
    I just want to thank Nikki for the most talent it doll she is adorable in all ways , was my first order and want to thank you Nikki she came today and I was speech less I love her.
    Testimonial By: maria ponce — orem, UT, United States

    My first reborn!
    Tuesday 04 February, 2014
    Hello nikki. Just wanted to let you know I’m ordering my first reborn at the end of the month! I cannot wait and also you do an amazing job and all your dolls are absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing artist!
    Testimonial By: meredith stringer — essexville, MI, United States

    so cute
    Monday 28 October, 2013
    I think they are just so cute
    Testimonial By: lori getter — Newark, OH, United States — home

    My first doll made by Nikki
    Saturday 10 August, 2013
    Just got into these amazing creations early this year. Now have bought 13 reborns from various different artists but after watching amazing Nikkis styles , I simply have to have one of hers. So put myself together and ordered a small one for starters. Can,t wait to see it in the flesh. Thanks Nikki, you are an inspiration and now I have to give it a go myself. Cheers Linda
    Testimonial By: Linda Mcinerney — Somerville, VIC, Australia

    My baby boy Liam =)
    Tuesday 02 July, 2013
    Hey Nikki!
    I’ve been soooo busy with school and homework (s), projects and working weekends that I haven’t found a time to actually write back to you, sorry =&. So I am taking the time now to let you know that Liam, my baby boy that was custum made, has arrived home safe bundled up and in one piece. He is just sooooo perfect in every way and beyond my expectations! I just loooovvvveee him!!! You did a great job on him ! You’re a fantastic artist. When you hold him he’s even more realistic then onto his photos. He actually looks like a newborn baby should look. =) I did wait quite a while for him but it was worth the waiting. And I love the little goodies you’ve added in his box packing they fit perfect on him. Bought him a couple of outfits and he just looks stunning! Continue what you are doing because you do a more than great job! 🙂
    I sure will recommend you’re website if someone is looking to buy for a reborn. =)
    Wish you all the best in your future. =D
    Testimonial By: Melissa Gagne — QC, Canada

    Mariah Amari Robertson Arrived!! :D:D
    Thursday 10 January, 2013
    Hi everyone, i just wanted to let Nikki Holland know that my Mariah Amari Robertson, custom order remake dolly, arrived today!! – she is sooo beautiful, i have had many cuddles today with her, and put her in a pastel pink onesie that arrived with her. I’d like to thank you Nikki, for making me this wonderful doll… she’s fantastic! 🙂 – i hope you can make lots more reborn mummies, or daddies, out there, as happy as you’ve made me!!! Please continue this generous and creative job of yours – you are so good at it. Ok, bye, from a happy dolly customer, Karen Robertson. xo 😀
    Testimonial By: Karen Robertson — Townsville, QLD, Australia

    Waiting For My 1st Remake Doll To Be Completed. 🙂
    Friday 23 November, 2012
    Hi there everybody i am karen robertson!! i am currently waiting on my remake dolly, Amari Nicole Coleman to be finished and eventually posted to my address in Australia. Her body’s being put together so it shouldn’t be too much longer!!…. she’s a beautiful little girl in her pictures that i have seen in this shop. 🙂 i hope she’ll either get here in xmas or the new year. Thanks for putting her into a reality for me. Your’e the best Nikki Holland!! 🙂 Perfect!! – bye bye, luvv, karen robertson!! :);)
    Testimonial By: Karen Robertson — Townsville, QLD, Australia

    rebron baby
    Saturday 15 September, 2012
    This is my first two reborn babies i am getting to a boy and a girl and i think they are so cute and i really wont one thank u so much for makeing my life beeter i know i will love it very much and take care of it and love it more than in thing,love madison adkins i know i will lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee trust me.
    Testimonial By: Kathy Adkins — Rockhouse, KY, United States

    My baby boy
    Wednesday 27 June, 2012
    I am so excited I can’t wait till I get enough money to get him started on I have such a good feeling that’ he will be so cute I am SOOOO excited haha .
    Testimonial By: tatjahna storm — bundaberg, QLD, Australia

    Your Tutorials
    Monday 12 March, 2012
    Well Nikki your tutorials have been an inspiration to me, I have been considering reborning for a while now and after watching your tutorials which by the way where not only REALLY informative but easy to watch and understand I have decided to give it a go, I am sure you will hear from me again once I am underway but I just wanted to say thanks for now for inspiring me xxx
    Testimonial By: claire berry — ripley, , United Kingdom

    Tuesday 17 January, 2012
    Thank you so much Nikki! i love the belly plate, its perfect for her!! Thank you soo much, and very fast shipping! Will buy from again sometime!
    Testimonial By: Carol O`Brien — Cornwall, PE, Canada

    Great Website For Reborns/Supplies.
    Saturday 07 January, 2012
    Hi Nikki Holland, it’s Karen here. I just wanted to tell you through this testimonial, how fantastic and superior your web page – has proved to be throughout my endless search for reborns, and occasionally supplies over the years!! :0 – Also i cannot wait to receive “Amari Nicole Coleman” by you once she’s completed. Judging from the look of the photos she will be truly beautiful with the tummy plate as well – i am truly excited and enthusiastic to have “Li – Hua” on a lay – away order, as well!! 🙂 – She will be a really pretty asian baby for my doll collection. The tummy and back plate once painted will be the icing on the cake for me. Thanks again and have a great year for 2012, A satisfied doll customer – Karen Robertson. xxoo.
    Testimonial By: Karen Robertson — Townsville, QLD, Australia 

    great shop service
    Wednesday 02 November, 2011
    i think you have a exellent shop and great doll kits and good service .xxxxxcheers nikki ……myra
    Testimonial By: myra de wit — alstonville, nsw

    Jo Jo Marie at Home.
    Saturday 24 September, 2011
    Nikki, Thank you for making me happy yet again…The work you put into Jo Jo Marie is outstanding. I have to say that she is beautiful and very life like. I collected Jo Jo at the post office yesterday and it was as if Christmas had arrived early…I love her… She is such a joy to have. She sits on my bed and wears her outfits that came with her. I will be buying her some new clothes as it will be a pleasure to dress her up. My family love her too….I can not believe that she is really here at Last….My little Girl.
    Thanks again Nikki…
    From Jo Jo’s Mom.
    Testimonial By: Valerie George — London, United Knigdom

    Jo Jo Marie
    Sunday 04 September, 2011
    Just seen the pictures of my little girl Jo Jo Marie. What a stunner. A beautiful toddler doll. I can not wait to have her home with me. I will treasure her as my little girl forever. I will dress her up and style her hair and make sure that she always has something to do at home….smile.
    Thank You so Much Nikki.
    Testimonial By: Valerie George — London, England

    New at Reborning
    Tuesday 30 August, 2011
    Hi, I have just received my starter kit and look forward to making many “babies”. Thanks to this site with all its wonderful info and supplies I know I will get what I need at anytime. Thanks for this great site
    Testimonial By: Kathleen Smart — Horsham, Vic, Aust

    first time reborner!
    Tuesday 26 July, 2011
    Thanks for great communication , and a good online shopping experience. Received my starter kit and have enjoyed starting my own baby doll. Also love being able to see the beautiful available and adopted dolls that are just adorable. Will definetely recommend this website!
    Testimonial By: kimberley symonds

    Twin Bub WIP
    Saturday 11 June, 2011
    Thank you Nikki for my twin bubs WIP pics, really beautiful I thank you for really listening to all that I wanted and more that you put into bringing them to life so far. The are identical but different already and am very grateful for your work dedication. They exceed my vision of them, I can’t wait to see them fully complete.
    Testimonial By: Linda — Vic

    Baby Crystal.
    Tuesday 19 April, 2011
    Just letting you know i have received baby Crystal, today. I am once again completely happy with my purchase!! :0 – she is a little one but just as beautiful, as all my other reborns from you. I also look forward to doing the starter kit really soon. That will be loads of fun, i just know it!! 🙂 Thanks again Nikki, your art work and the time and effort that goes into your dolls is 100% for me. 10/10!! – Bye for now from a very happy customer, karen robertson.
    Testimonial By: Karen Robertson — Townsville, North Queensland

    Sweet Thea Shamiso
    Tuesday 07 December, 2010
    Thank you Nikki, for the love, time and dedication you put into bringing Thea Shamiso to completion. Love her already and cannot wait to have her in my arms. I know its a job for you but, the love you have for your job shines through and is very visible in your work and business conduct. Keep up the good work so that many more reborn baby lovers, can experience the joy through you Nikki and Still Moments Nursery.
    Testimonial By: Linda Vic

    Anastasia Arrived Today!!!
    Friday 30 July, 2010
    Baby Anastasia arrived today!! She was beautifuly wrapped. I couldn’t wait to get home from the post office to open the box. She is beaautiful! Thank you Nikki, for making a doll I will treasure for years to come. !!
    Testimonial By: Veronica Dewey — Pembroke, United States

    Max is home 😀
    Thursday 29 July, 2010
    Max arrived home today, and what happiness it was to see and hold him!! Max is so adorable and he is truly an amazing work of art! 🙂
    Testimonial By: Keyli Lopez — United States

    Baby Anastasia
    Thursday 15 July, 2010
    Anastasia pictures…
    Thank you so much Nikki!! From the minute I saw my babys’ pictures I fell in love with her. I have tears in my eyes, she is so beautiful!! :))
    You have made me a very happy Mommy. A big THANK YOU!!
    Testimonial By: Veronica Dewey — Pembroke, United States

    My Twins
    Friday 02 July, 2010
    Isaiah and Miah, exactly what I needed for my Cuddle Therapy. They are truly cuddly, beautiful and sweet. Well worth the wait, thank you Nikki, for your kindness, patience and professionalism. Now we just await the big sis, am sure she will be just as beautiful.
    Testimonial By: Linda — Vic

    Reborn Amy
    Thursday 24 June, 2010
    Thanks so much for my 10 inch reborn doll Amy!! – she is everything i wanted and more!! :O) :O) – you deserve a pat on the back Nikki Holland!! :O) – your dolls are treasures for the common collectors out there and more. i hope to save up my money once i get employment in townsville, and buy from you time and time again for those necessary items i need. Bye, love, karen robertson. :O)
    Testimonial By: Karen Robertson — Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory

    Anica Rose
    Wednesday 23 June, 2010
    I finally received my baby Anica Rose today (at 7:00am) and am very happy. The wait for her was longer than i had expected but she was well worth it! Her skin and hair are so beautifully done and are unexpectedly realistic, especially her hair! As soon as i saw my beautiful new baby I fell in love with her, Anica Rose is absolutely perfect and I would happily buy from still moments again. Thank you Nikki Holland for such a wonderful little heirloom!
    Testimonial By: Michelle Vixen

    awaiting arrival of my baby and other items 🙂
    Thursday 10 June, 2010
    G’day there, Nikki Holland,
    Karen robertson here, – um just want to let you know you’re doll store is one of the best i know of for reborns/reborn supplies. i eagerly await 4 my reborn baby amy to come :O) :O)
    i am also expecting a doll kit + supplies to match, so i can make my own dolly when we move again 2 townsville. Good luck and i hope 2 custom order once n townsville, Bye Luv, karen robertson. xxoo.
    Testimonial By: Karen Robertson — Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory

    Thank you
    Friday 30 April, 2010
    Would like to thank Nikki for her patience in explaining everything, confusing to me through my process of custom ordering. Now I just await my babies to come. Thank u.
    Testimonial By: Linda — Vic

    Baby Hannah
    Monday 08 February, 2010
    Thank you, thank you, Nikki Holland!! 🙂 you have done it again! – Hannah is my second doll of yours (my first was a small doll from you)- and i cannot describe the inner happiness i felt holding Hannah! – she is beautiful. I could not wait to dress her up. i dressed her up not long after she arrived! Thanks again, i’m even thinking of getting a custom ordered doll one day when we move to Queensland. Bye, Karen.
    Testimonial By: Karen Robertson — Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory

    Baby Sofie Chantelle is Beautiful
    Wednesday 13 January, 2010
    Dear Nikki,
    Thank you for creating such a beautiful memory of my Daughter as a newborn.
    Sofie Chantelle looks more like my daughter the first time I saw her and held her in my arms, than I ever imagined the Willow Kit could ever look.
    You are an Amazing Reborn Artist, and I can’t express enough how much joy your babies bring to me.
    Thank you again Nikki for creating a little bit of the past that I can hold onto and cuddle.
    Testimonial By: Suzanne Laurence

    Baby Annabel Kate
    Friday 25 December, 2009
    On Christmas Day (which was yesterday) I had the pure joy of opening my new baby bundle Annabel Kate. It was an absolute delight to open Annabel. She had been packaged beautifully (thanks very much Nikki for wrapping the items in Christmas paper). All I can say is that baby Annabel is absolutely beautiful!! She is so realistic and is so wonderful to hold and cuddle. I particularly loved the little album she came with (including the authenticity certificate and care instructions)- which was such a fantastic touch to the whole package. Nikki congratulations on your amazingly high level of customer care and providing your customers with a superior product. I would love to purchase from you again! Blessings, Melissa.
    Testimonial By: Melissa Glenister — Melbourne, Australia

    Baby Darchelle
    Friday 11 December, 2009
    Darchelle is nicer than in the photographies. We are very satisfied with her. Very elegant sending.Communicative and comprehensive Artist. Thank you very much!
    Testimonial By: Sònia

    Friday 11 December, 2009
    I was hooked on masterpiece and ashton drake so truly real dolls…but now…I am hooked on your reborn dolls.bella is only a few inches smaller than my little girl when she was born…she was only 17 inches and my loverly doll is 14 inches…so when I hold bella…its like holding my own little suzette when she was born…thank,s heap,s…..can,t wait until I can get another doll..from rose,
    Testimonial By: rosemary baker — ballarat, vic,australia.

    Baby Ciara
    Thursday 05 November, 2009
    My beautiful baby girl Ciara came today, se is so life-like! i love her to bits already! thanks so much Nikki i will hopefully buy from you again!
    Testimonial By: Stephanie Edwards

    Tuesday 15 September, 2009
    Hello,My baby arrived today! (well her pieces anyway, sleepyhead kit!) she is my second reborn that I actually have to make! I immediately started painting, I only have a few layers to do! I would like to thank you for the brilliant service that I received, she arrived beautifully packaged. I got her out of the postbox and was standing there and I was really excited and I yelled out “It’s got toes!” and my next door neighbor had this really confused look on her face, it was so hilarious!!

    Thanks A Heap!
    Testimonial By: E-Jay Lindsay-Park — Queensland

    Little Izayah Levit finally arrived today.
    Monday 24 August, 2009
    Little Izayah Levit finally arrived today. I’m speechless! He is just PERFECT and I can’t put him down. I am holding him as I type. I love all his tiny little details from his perfectly placed hair to his tiny little manicure on his little toes. This is the second one I have ordered from Nikki and I love them both so much. I am ready to order two more to complete my collection:) I can’t get enough of Nikki’s work. I shopped around before I placed my order and I am confident to say I chose the right artist for the job. She is very detailed and gives you exactly what you want. She is also very fast to answer any e-mails you send. Shipment is also extremely fast and the packaging is like its gift wrapped. Many Thanks Nikki you truly are amazing.
    Testimonial By: Julie Matos

    Great Service
    Friday 05 June, 2009
    Nikki has been great with getting back to me and answering all of my questions as fast and as best as she could. I have a baby girl beening made as i write this and i can’t wait for her to arrive so i can hold her in my arms. Thanks so much Nikki, you made my dream of having a baby this soon possible. 🙂 from Stephanie Edwards
    Testimonial By: Stephanie Edwards — Hobart, Tasmania

    Kaithen Arrived!!
    Thursday 04 June, 2009
    Hi Nikki!! Baby Kaithen arrived today! I was so excited I tore his box open right at the post office.The ladies there couldn’t believe how realistic he is.I absolutely love him! He is even my gorgeous than his pictures.Thanks so much for making me such a beautiful little boy.
    Testimonial By: Amy Haught — Hanover, Pennsylvania,USA

    fast delivery….
    Wednesday 13 May, 2009
    Thank you for your wonderful service Nikki. Item has been received so quickly. Best service, recommended to all!!! Well done!!!!
    Testimonial By: Gyongyi Vago

    Many Thanks
    Wednesday 14 January, 2009
    I would like to express my thanks regarding your professional company and fantastic website. It has been such a refreshing change to be able to order an item online and receive email confirmations immediately and then a subsequent email confirming that the status was shipped. When I emailed Nikki with a question, she was straight on it! As the mother of a distraught 2 year old who had “lost” his soft white duck at the shopping centre (he had her since birth!) it was so great to be able to order a new one online and receive such a professional standard of service. I have sent your link to friends and family for future gift buying. Thanks again Regards Nicole
    Testimonial By: Nicole Terry

    Thank You
    Wednesday 31 December, 2008
    I wish to say a big thank you to everyone at Still Moments for being there for us reborners over the Christmas and New Year period. It was invaluable for us reborners who are always running out of something and the delivery is truly extra fast. Thanks again and Happy New Year, Anne
    Testimonial By: Anne Clark

    JB – Joshua Blake
    Thursday 25 December, 2008
    Oh my god. I received my beautiful baby boy Joshua Blake or JB for short, 2 days before Christmas and instantly fell in live with him. He has been in someones arms ever since he arrived. I took with me to my brothers for Christmas day and everyone there fell in love with him. I just cant believe how real he looks and feels. I just cant cuddle him enough. Everyone thought he was a real baby laying in my arms. I cant express how much we love him. I know that technically he is a doll but he is loved so very much and gets lots of cuddles. I have to fight my daughter just to get him for a little while. Thanks so much for our beautiful new addition to our family. You done a fabulous job and we are soooo happy. From Kim.
    Testimonial By: Kim Menchin — Newcastle, NSW – Australia

    Speechless Upon Arrival of Ella
    Thursday 25 December, 2008
    My beautiful baby is finally here with me. Amongst a safe arrival Monday, I am so estatic to have her with me. I wasn’t able to receive her until today, which is Christmas, but I am so amazed at her beauty. She’s so tiny but so perfect, and I love her with every ounce of my heart. She is so remarkably realistic! I cannot thank you enough, Nikki, amazing job, very well done. She is “sleeping” in her bassinet right now, but my family has already surronded her and they love to hold her and dress her. Thank you again, magnificent work, very well done, she will be forever cherished.
    Testimonial By: Nikki Bishop — Castleton, Vermont

    Ella Is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!
    Wednesday 17 December, 2008
    Hi Nikki!
    I cannot believe how incredibly beauitful Ella Rosalie is. She is the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen, of course, I’m biast, like any new mother, right? 🙂 But she is remarkable. I haven’t seen her in person yet, but look forward to meeting her next week. You have done thee most amazing job in the world, and I will recommend you to anyone who wants a reborn doll. Amazing job, like I said. Ella is so beautiful, I will be sure to write a second review when I can finally see her in person. Great job, again, the wait was well worth it.
    Warmest Regards,
    Nikki Bishop
    Testimonial By: Nikki Bishop — Castleton, Vermont

    Brian arrived home.
    Thursday 06 November, 2008
    Oh, Brian arrived home safe and sound today and I am soooooo THRILLED!!! He even looks better in person…and has a “real baby” feel (weight) to him. You’ve done an exceptional job! To be honest, I had another reborn girl made by another artist that had been recommended, but I think you’ve done a better job! Even my 23 yr. old daughter Kristen says so…..and wanted me to tell you that! Brian will be cherished and well taken care of–I can’t thank you enough for reborning him for me.
    Testimonial By: Kim B

    My order arrived 100% Satisfied.
    Wednesday 10 September, 2008
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received my order yesterday. Also I’d like to tell you that I am 100% satisfied with your service.
    There is some suppliers closer than yours, but you do a wonderful job and you always send my order the quickest possible. Keep doing the good job!!! Well done!
    kind regards,
    Testimonial By: Gyongyi Vago

    Just Devine
    Tuesday 05 August, 2008
    Tilly-rose just arrived and she is absolutely perfect. Your talent is outstanding. She is everything i hoped she would be and more.
    Testimonial By: lisa rae — Sunrise Beach, QLD

    New Dolly
    Monday 28 July, 2008
    Thank you soooo much for my new little dolly, called Layla. I think she’s absoulutely beautiful and lovely, and an absolute treasure! I love her blue eyes and pink romper type outfit, and the way she smelt like baby powder on arrival to Nhulunbuy! i know i will treasure this doll for years to come. Once again, thank you and God bless, Karen Robertson.
    Testimonial By: Karen Robertson — Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory

    Wednesday 02 July, 2008
    Hi Nikki,
    Terrific fast service with your items, if anyone is like me they want it yesterday and yours arrrive they day after ordering thankyou.
    Testimonial By: Heather Duyvestyn

    Monday 09 June, 2008
    Testimonial By: mackensie qill CALIFORNIA — TURLOCK, USA

    Wednesday 04 June, 2008
    Nikki has done a fantastic job of making a lookalike reborn of my “real” baby girl April. Can’t wait for my next baby to be reborn.. Thanks Nikki.
    Testimonial By: Tracy Keans — Penrith, NSW

    Tuesday 03 June, 2008
    when i first got Zara she was to cute !i took her out of the box and held her in my arms , then i dressed her up in her outfit i had bought her… i plan to be ordering from still moments nursery.com again mackensie qill “California”
    Testimonial By: mackensie qill

    Kalina Arrived Home Safely
    Thursday 01 May, 2008
    She is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen. I took one look at her and I was in love. Thank-you so much Niki for creating her. She is an absolute gem. Your work is amazing.
    Testimonial By: Michelle Lukritz — Ipswich, QLD, Aus

    Friday 25 April, 2008
    I ordered Kalina today and i am so excited!…. I can’t wait untill she arrive. I keep looking at the photo’s ove and over again 🙂
    Testimonial By: Michelle Lukritz

    Joshua Blake
    Saturday 19 April, 2008
    I received ‘Joshua Blake’ a couple of weeks ago, and was so delighted with him, he is very different to my previous doll also from ‘Still moments’ and as I said then Nikki is a wonderfully talented lady. Her dolls are so beautiful, even my mum who was sceptical about them cannot resist a cuddle when she visits!
    I will be buying more from this lovely company in the future without a doubt!
    Testimonial By: Suzanne Brooks — England

    My order arrived safely yesterday!
    Tuesday 08 April, 2008
    My order arrived safely yesterday! I am most excited!! The items are just as I expected, were packed beautifully, and postage was extremely fast! Thank you so much.
    Testimonial By: Cindy Cairns — NSW, Australia

    Shantel has arrived home.
    Saturday 29 March, 2008
    I can not believe that Shantel has come home. Shantel is too…cute and I just want to kiss her and can’t wait to dress her up. Thanks Nikki for making me happy. I will treasure Shantel. I am very impressed,as she arrived in fantastic condition. From Ms George. England.
    Testimonial By: Valerie George

    Michael John
    Tuesday 04 March, 2008
    What can I say about baby ‘Michael John’, he is beautiful, as soon as I took him out of the box and held him I was overwhelmed by how lifelike he is, he feels so like a real baby.
    The Reborn Dolls from ‘Still Moments Nursery’ are the best I have encountered and anyone who is thinking of purchasing one of Nikki’s babies should not hesitate.
    Nikki is a truly talented lady and I will be buying from her again very soon.

    From a happy Suzanne – In England!
    Testimonial By: Suzanne Brooks — England

    Babies arrived.
    Monday 18 February, 2008
    Its unbelievable how much all the babies look soolife like!
    Testimonial By: Natalie Warren

    Thank you for beautiful Baby Madison.
    Tuesday 29 January, 2008
    Thank you for beautiful Baby Madison. I received her today and was amazed by her beauty!
    She arrived in wonderful condition.
    Testimonial By: Margaret Favata — Harrison, New York

    Reborn Baby Doll
    Monday 21 January, 2008
    My Baby was received and it was just as I thought – an absolute treasure.. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work – its a credit to you.
    Testimonial By: Jenny

    Baby arrived
    Monday 21 January, 2008
    Beautiful Baby….Many thanks…a top seller A+++
    Testimonial By: Jenny

    Baby girl Kylie
    Monday 21 January, 2008
    My expectations on receiving Kylie was beyond words! THANK YOU SHE IS DELIGHTFUL!
    Testimonial By: girlswhowearbootsdriveutes

    Reborn baby doll purchase
    Monday 21 January, 2008
    A real cutie. Happy with purchase.
    Testimonial By: Julie