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About our store Name:
We wanted a name to represent the images one would take of their child and came up with the slogan…to capture one still moment of a babies life…aka Still Moments Nursery.

The name originated from the fact that these dolls never move or change…hence our name of capturing a Still Moment of a babies life.

I have been producing Completed Reborn Baby Dolls since early 2004.

Born in New Zealand, Growing up in Papua New Guinea and Tasmania, my passion for dolls started when I was very young.

I first came across Reborns when I was searching the Internet looking for porcelain dolls to add to my collection.
However, my search took a diversion when I stumbled across these lifelike dolls called Reborn Dolls.

Reborn Dolls are made out of soft translucent vinyl and through a very long process are enhanced to resemble real life babies / newborn infants.
This process called ‘reborning’ has been around since the early 1990s.

“I spent weeks looking through all the babies on offer and I just couldn’t get over how much detailing they all had,” she remembers. “When I finally found
‘Tristan’, he looked so sweet sleeping on a beanbag, I just had to have him.”

With not a lot of information readily available, I joined many Internet forums and asked lots of questions.
Finding ‘Tristan’ ultimately changed my career and life path.

“My first baby turned out okay but I was flying blind,” she recalls. “I was using stencil creams and he has a wig applied as I didn’t know about felting needles then.
He did turn out a little on the red side but I learnt as I went along how to thin down the paints.”

Hooked after my first go, I started to make more reborns, perfecting my intricate art.
“I tried my hand at most things – sewing, woodwork, cross stitch – but I always came back to painting,” she says. “I get this from my father, who is
also arty.”

My expert advice is: “Don’t be scared to jump in, the coats should be very watery and remember the paint is removable until you heat it;
so keep playing around until you have the look you are after.”

Together with my partner Tim, I decided to become a full time reborn artist, giving up a career in catering.

But I has never looked back and am loving every minute I have reborning my dolls and help customers find thing they are needing to complete their baby.

Learn first hand what it takes to create a reborn. Follow Nikki Holland on The SMN Show.

Tim is the man behind all the website design and development.
He controls all the new features going up on Still Moments Nursery.

He is also an Independent Musician.

Tim’s music can be found here: Timothy John Music

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Still Moments Nursery is a registered Business located in
Lilydale – Melbourne, Australia 3140.
ABN: 40 704 897 051