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WIP Biracial toddler girl with blue eyes

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So…..I was searching the interent for an example of a biracial children with different eye colours and came across alot of interesting pictures, so I decided to do a Biracial toddler with blue eyes as I liked that the most.
Here she or he is so far 🙂
What do you think…do you like the eye and skin colour?
Ill be doing tight curls on her or him and I cant wait to see him/her finished.


A message I wish I didnt have to make…..

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I just wanted to let everyone know whats going on in my personal life atm.
My dear mum is in the final stages of her COPD and we are trying to now make her as comfortable as possible because the machines arent working for her any longer 😞 so over the next few days / weeks I ask you to please be patient with me.
I do appologize for the delay in content and updates xxx
This is taking me away from the dolls at times as I want to spend as much time with her and family as possible.
I will do my very best to reply to emails and questions and have orders posted as quickly as I can.

I do thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this very hard time.

Nikki Holland