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WIP Lexi by Sandra White doll kit named Piper – The SMN Show #383

Piper is a Custom Order reborn doll, she is the Lexi by Sandra White doll kit and is about 18″ long.
Her mum has been patiently waiting for her so I wanted to do a quick little video to show her and all of you guys how she is looking so far.
Isn’t she just the sweetest thing 🙂

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17 thoughts on “WIP Lexi by Sandra White doll kit named Piper – The SMN Show #383

  1. First, I wanted to thank you for all your beautiful air-dry tutorials on the SMN Show. I have watched them several times and although I am just a beginner, I have been able to give several of my efforts to the Altzimers Association for their patients.

    I started out trying to find dolls like my grandsons so I could always remember them as children but they have been hard to find since they are strawberry red head blue-eyed boys but now my search is finished.

    Now I am trying to make one as my son when he was a baby. I have a perfect kit from China with dimples a d a big open mouth smile. My problem is that I can’t find any directions on how to paint a tongue so it looks different from the lips. Any suggestions? That seems to be the one tutorial that is not anywhere on the web and I am sure would be helpful to every one.

    You are such an inspiration to all of us that love dolls. Sincerely, Ardith Hyder

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I am impressed with the amount of information that you are able to bring to this blog. Have only just started to be involved with reborn dolls although I have been in the doll world for a long while. Have been MIA, missing in action , again for quite a while. My work has always been in Porcelain so reborn’s are a totally new kettle of fish. Learning as much as I can as fast as I can and I’m delighted to have found you. what a terrific source!

  3. I have different types of doll ordering, depending on your needs.

    You can order my already completed reborn dolls that are ready to post here:

    I also offer custom order reborn dolls in which you can keep the dolls prices within your budget and select what you want your doll to have.

    There is also remake reborn dolls of some of my previously sold dolls here:

    Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Hi I want to reborn and was wondering for real air dry effects paint do you still need the oven or does it dry with AIR ???????????L.

  5. hey my name is shametrice nice to meet you i was wondering what was the doll that cost about 100 are 200 dollars

  6. I really like your vedios my lil sister really likes your twin dolls and she always watches your shows and me and her subscribed to your channel you are the best doll maker ever!!

  7. Dear Nikki,
    I enjoy your packing up videos the most…when will there be a Season 3? I have watched all your videos multiple times and they are so very sweet and entertaining. There is not much positive tv on anymore so I love watching your show! I have 2 beautiful Reborns and 2 Lee Middleton dolls…I don’t plan to go crazy with many, many dolls, because each one should be special and not “just another one” . I hope one day to order one from you. Your work, family and business are admirable and high quality! Thanks for what you do! Anxiously awaiting Season 3 ?! Blessings, Carolyn Anderson….Saint Augustine, Fl. USA

  8. My daughter Takayla loves your dolls and wanted to know if you would specialize her one or two

  9. My daughter loves your doll and wanted to know if you would specialize her a twin set for half off. because she did’nt get to get one for her birthday

  10. please can you tell me where i can get reborn cheap full body silicone baby thanks please answer im from England thanks

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