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Reborn Baby Girl Claire – The SMN Show #384

On this episode of The SMN Show we feature a presentation of a Completed Reborn Baby Girl called Claire made by Nikki Holland.

You can see Reborn Baby Girl Claire’s photo shoot and all her additional details here –

5 thoughts on “Reborn Baby Girl Claire – The SMN Show #384

  1. I want one of your baby boy dolls so bad for $25.2 and I really want to have one and if I do get one can you order it on April 5 thanks bye

  2. I love your dolls I watch you all the time. But there is no way I could buy one unless I can put it in lay a way you see I have parkings on deaise and I live on a very small income like 628. Per mth but you say some times you have a give away and I jut don’t know how to go about it can you please let me know I know you are busy with the little one and doing dolls to god bless you for being so kind let me know what I should do.thank you. And god bless you

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