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Some of the latest custom order reborn dolls just finished

Here are 3 of my latest reborn babies I have just finished.
The little sleeper baby boy is the Gena by Michelle Fagan doll kit, the girl in the middle is the Benjamin by Petra Seiffert and the little boy on the end is a Honey by Donna RuBert.
All their photo will be taken this week and then the boys are on their way home.
The little girl is looking for sale and will be available to purchase on the website soon.

I hope their mummies like them xoxo


5 thoughts on “Some of the latest custom order reborn dolls just finished

  1. hello i love your art work with this doll,i would like to have one,how much for one.

  2. @AnnNolan Yes thats your doll she wrote something on facebook with your name and that the doll is called Ruban. Thats my baby on the left 😀 Im so excitied for photos, and so hope I get him no later than mid september

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