Custom Order Dolls

Custom Order Reborn dolls finished

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I have finished alot of custom order reborn dolls for their mummies / daddies over the past few weeks and wanted to do a quick blog to share them with you all.
I have done all their photos and they are now online for viewing.

They are all sold and are not for sale but if you like one, you can calculate the cost using our custom order forms.




Custom Order Dolls

Reborn baby doll heads finished

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Here are a few of the latest reborn dolls I have just finished.
They range from Hispanic, Caucasian, light Caucasian and olive skin colouring.

They are all custom order dolls almost for their mummies xoxo


Custom Order Dolls

Some of the latest custom order reborn dolls just finished

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Here are 3 of my latest reborn babies I have just finished.
The little sleeper baby boy is the Gena by Michelle Fagan doll kit, the girl in the middle is the Benjamin by Petra Seiffert and the little boy on the end is a Honey by Donna RuBert.
All their photo will be taken this week and then the boys are on their way home.
The little girl is looking for sale and will be available to purchase on the website soon.

I hope their mummies like them xoxo


Custom Order Dolls

Latest reborn babies and boy toddler just finished

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Well I have 4 custom order babies and a toddler boy finished and ready for their mummies.
I had so much fun shopping for their outfits today and I just love the way they all look.
Hope their mummies like them.
They will be having their photos and box packings done over the next few weeks but I just had to take a quick sneak peek photo of them.



Reborn Baby Dolls

Finished hair rooting the child head – The SMN Show #228

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I finally finished rooting the Angelica by Reva Schick head and I am so happy with the result.
I hope her mum likes what I have done.
All thats left to do is add her eyelashes, gloss her lips and glue / seal her hair.


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