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Reborn box packing of baby boy Jack – The SMN Show #343

Reborn baby boy Jack is a custom order doll, his mum selected him to have no hair and I think he is just adorable bald.
His doll kit is the Bella by Pat Moulton.

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10 thoughts on “Reborn box packing of baby boy Jack – The SMN Show #343

  1. I love you’re shows I’m using my dad’s email my favorite episode is when you show you’re baby Mia or Maia she is adorable you’re my romodel:) thank you for enspiering me <3

  2. I’m a huge fan I’m using my dad’s email I love how you send so many extras I didden’t get any reborn’s but I’m getting one at the end of the month I’m not sure if I’m getting one from you’re web site but sence I’m a huge fan I proboley will my name is madi I’m 9 my birthday is next month bye bye <3

  3. Hi um I love your babies and I would love a free baby with11″ and goodies and a oth nappie

  4. Hi um I love your babies and I would love a free baby with11″ and goodies and a cloth nappie

  5. hi my name is fae and i am 10 year’s old and i collect reborn doll’s i am a huge fan of your’s and i am trying to save up for one of your website.I alredy have 2 reborn doll’s but they are not from are my rolemodle and all of the reborn’s you make are so cute’carry on doing what you are doing.

    from :faexx 🙂

  6. oh yer i forgot to tell you i’am from the uk and i’am using my mums email adress.

    from:fae xx :3

  7. Hi I’m essence. I love your videos on youtube. You are great at what you do. I would love to have one of your reborn dolls. But I don’t have money to buy one. I was wondering if I could something for you to get a free doll. Please contact me on my email.

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