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Reborn Baby Prue by Nikki Holland – The SMN Show #386

On this episode of The SMN Show we feature a presentation of a Completed Reborn Baby girl called Prue. You can see more about Prue on her listing.

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23 thoughts on “Reborn Baby Prue by Nikki Holland – The SMN Show #386

  1. I want a reborn baby dolls I want it to come with a pacifier and clothes and pampers and I want the 6 inch one and a light skin one and I want her to do thing in her super and a i want it to come with a i want a bottle to come with it too

  2. Hi Nikki my twin sister Jaiden has wanted this doll Julian and we were wondering if I can get it for her for under $150 because she has been wanting this doll for a really long time and I wanna put a smile on her face and if you can give it to me in a couple of days with a couple of pairs of clothes and pacifiers Jaiden and I would really love that.

    Jordyn Denny

  3. I was wondering how do you get the kid reborn I hope that you see this thanks and love all of your videos

  4. Hi it’s Demi I don’t know for shore yet but I was wondering if you wanted to do a box swap with me I live in the uk thank you

  5. @Lindsey
    I have been trying to reply to your email, but it is failing with the email address your using. Please contact me again with a valid email address, to receive your reply.

    Thank you.

  6. Hey Nikki, just wondering if you’ll be making any YouTube videos anytime soon? I’ve always loved watching them and I’ve been saddened because you haven’t uploaded in some four months. I hope to see you on YouTube soon!

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