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Reborn Baby Girl Aimey Presentation – The SMN Show #387

Reborn baby girl Aimey is looking for a forever home.
She is a tiny baby at only 12" and is such a beautiful baby to have in any collection.. 

Reborn Birth Date:  August 2016
Gender of Doll: Female
Doll Sculpt / Kit: Lewis by Tina Kewy
Limb Length: 1/4 arms and 3/4 legs
Doll Length:  12"
Body Type: Cloth jointed 
Paint used: Real Effects Air Dry Paints
Skin Colour: Olive
Painting Skin Effects: Mottling
Veining effects: No
Painting Special Effects: Small spot on toenail
Hair Type:  Bald
Hair Look: 
Hair Thickness: 
Hair Colour: 
Eye Colour: Nil
Eye Lashes: Yes
Doll Weight:  1-2lb 
Realistic Beating Heart: No
Belly Plates: No
Back Plate: No
Magnetic Pacifier / Dummy:  Yes
Clip on Hair Bows / Ribbons: No
Display Pacifier / Dummy: No
Care Instructions
Reborn Birth Certificate

You can see Aimey's product description and photos.

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