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Full vinyl reborn baby doll – The SMN Show #388

I just wanted to show you guys a custom order I have just put together. He is the Cameron by sheila Michael doll kit and is a big baby at 23'.
These kits are made from the softest vinyl I have worked with. They resemble fully silicone dolls, but are actually made of vinyl.

If your wanting a full body baby but cant afford a full body silicone doll. I highly recommend these style of reborn doll kits.

You can find all the full bodied dolls that are available to have reborned on the custom ordering forms, so you can calculate the cost to have a full bodied doll reborned for you. All of the dolls that are full body will say (Full vinyl body) after the doll kits name, on the custom ordering forms.

You can see his photo shoot here – TBA

Music for the The SMN Show provided by –

You can now purchase the music featured throughout "The SMN Show" on CD through Still Moments Nursery.

We are also very proud to offer the first special edition range of collectible's for "The SMN Show" Merchandise.

Thanks for watching,
Nikki Holland

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