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New stock has Arrived

Our shipment of Genesis heat set paints, DVD Tutorials and More reborn kits have arrived. The genesis paints will be sold in 1/2 ounce tubs, If you would like 1 ounce tubs please let me know. The advantages of smaller tubs is you can get a range of colors without having to spend big $$ and they last forever. We will be putting together starter kits with the basic paints you need to start with. you can mix these colors to make many other colors by using a good quality color wheel as a guide. The Tutorial DVD's give you a great idea on reborning and are recommended to all new artist and experts alike. They cover the basics like dismantling a store bought doll, cleaning it up and more. The Genesis paints DVD – this is great to learn how these paint work on your dolls and is a great guide to mixing the correct colors for your babies. and finally the hair rooting – covers what tools you need and the proper techniques. 



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