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New Reborn Breathing Mechanism – NEWBORN!!!

We have just launched our latest version of the Breathing Mechanism range called our Newborn Breather.
This breathing mechanism was designed to be in between the size of our Mini and Baby and is suited for 19″ – 20″ reborn dolls, teddies and more.

Mini, Newborn, Baby and Toddler Breathing Mechanisms.

Our breathing mechanisms simulate a real baby breathing and can be easily seen and felt when your hand is gently resting on the chest. 

All our Breathing Mechanism’s now come with a USB Rechargeable Battery Pack which is specially designed to sit inside your baby’s nappy.

Get your very own Breathing Mechanism for your reborn baby here:

3 thoughts on “New Reborn Breathing Mechanism – NEWBORN!!!

  1. Hi
    Do you have a breathing box that makes a cooing noise. Also do you sell special bodies for breathing boxes, or are they inserted on top of bodies and under clothes?

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