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New attachment for bodies with chest plate

Some toddler kits that have the chest plate, the only way you can attach them to the body is using string…..I didn’t like the string attachment so I asked Tim to help me work out a way of attaching them more securely and he came up with this awesome idea.
Its a clip that is added to the cloth body first and then a press stud is used to click on the chest plate.
He also added a ring for the neck part of the body, it helps hold the connector in place as well as keeping your stuffing in place to.
This is the result and I’m so happy with it. They are nice and strong and give a much nicer finish than string or ribbons.
We are wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing them for their dolls.
If we get lots of interest we will add them to the store for sale.

Here is a list of just some of the kits they will work on:
Cammi by Ping Lau
Armani by Olga Tschenskaja
Alessa By Olga Tschenskaja
Julieta by Ping Lau
Elena by Regina Swialkowski
Gabriela by Regina Swialkowski

2 thoughts on “New attachment for bodies with chest plate

  1. Fantastic idea love the new concept. I too didn’t like the string idea also they don’t sit properly. Keep up the good work.

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