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Mushroom rooting tool assembly guide

Recently I was asked how to put together our Mushroom Hair Rooting Tool, so I decided to do a little written / visual description on how the tool works.
Note : This tool only take Pre-cut Felting Needles.

How it works:
The Mushroom Hair Rooting Tool has three main parts – The Handle, Collet and Screw on cap.

Step 1:   Screw off the screw on cap.
Step 2:   Take out the collet and insert your Pre-cut felting needle.
Step 3:   Slip the collet and needle back into the tool.
Step 4:   Tighten the screw on cap around the needle fairly tight….if you find your needles arent holding, try inserting the needle until the thicker part of the needle is in the collets four points.

Please Note – Needles are extremely sharp and do have barbs..take care around young children.

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