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Ethnic Reborn Baby Girl Aisha By Nikki Holland

Introducing Ethnic Reborn Baby Girl:

Reborn Birth Date : 21 August 2008
Length : 21 Inches
Doll Kit : Bi racial Ember by Tasha Edenholm



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5 thoughts on “Ethnic Reborn Baby Girl Aisha By Nikki Holland

  1. i want to know how much she is and if i could buy her from you i never seen a baby so precous besides one of your other dolls aisha that makes me
    sream how cute is she

  2. I am interested in this doll or one like her as well. Please let me know the price and availability. Do you make these dolls from photographs. If so, how much do you charge. Zunny

  3. hi my name is betty

    i seen baby aisha and i would like to know how much it cost in english pounds. can you send me some more information about it.

  4. Dear Nickki,
    I was wanting to know if you could possibly
    do a Biracial Ember doll for me because I am not experinced
    and I do not know how to assemble the kit,
    so can you just make the doll, and I can buy it from
    you already made. That would be much easier on my part,
    but I can buy the thngs that you need, mail it to you through
    the mail, and you can assemble it, and I can get the assembled reborn from you. Please contact me at the following E-Mail address so that we can
    discuss this product and how you can do it, if you are up for it.


    my email address:

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