Reborn Baby Dolls

Custom order reborn baby with Auburn hair

I have been working on this little ones hair for over a week and have finally finished it today. The custom order mum wanted fine hair and I’m so happy with how moths turned out.
The hair is such a nice colour and has to be one of my favorites.
Here are a few photos of the start of the back, then the first trim and finally the end result 🙂
The doll kit is a Ryan by Michelle Fagan.
20″ long.




3 thoughts on “Custom order reborn baby with Auburn hair

  1. I’m so happy with the mohair colour it is so close to my real hair colour witch is what I was looking for. I was worried that it would be that it would be to dark or it would be bright orange but it is perfict.

    Thank you for doing such wonderful work on my sweet girl

  2. What kind of needle did you use for rooting this doll’s hair.
    I would like to find the right needle for rooting hair and this doll hair
    looks nice.

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