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Custom order Arianna by Reva Schick wip kits

Here are 2 custom order Arianna by Reva Schick toddler doll kits I’m currently paint.
They are not twins but it helps when you can paint 2 at once.
Both have had their flesh coats applied and I have done one’s blushing, so I thought I would take a pic of the difference….. Still have to do her creases and darker up a few areas.


13 thoughts on “Custom order Arianna by Reva Schick wip kits

  1. What size eyes does this kit use? I’m looking to get one done for me but i don’t know the size eyes she uses

  2. I want a arriana kit awake for $150 I know it’s crazy but it would be a boy bald clod not a lot of detail just bushy knees a bruis and skin color please reply

  3. I’m thinking about having a custom order. This is one of my dream dolls. I would like a girl, with hair (just a little but). What would be a estimate total on the doll? Please reply. Thanks.

  4. I am looking to see if you can paint me an Arianna kit by Reva schick,if you can please let me know how much it would cost and I will see if I can do it. Thank you.

  5. Good day, what size do I wear this wig arianna kit and can use dibutyltin little body have to be 26 or even 28? Thanks!
    Lara Fatima

  6. Could someone tell me what size plugs and neck ring for Arianna? What size of neck rings were used for her arms in the video? Thank you!

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