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Box packing reborn baby girl Sarsha – The SMN Show #311

Sarsha has her box packing done so she can be sent to her mommy.
She is going home with outfits and a few other goodies.

Wish her a safe trip home.

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3 thoughts on “Box packing reborn baby girl Sarsha – The SMN Show #311

  1. there is this girl on youtube her reborn got ruined by her dog and she needs help fixing it she has all the limbs and the fluff from inside of the body please help her her channel is katielovezreborns please help her she is very sad thanks adriana

  2. Just to let you know my name isn’t Nikki but its the name I use to post stuff I wanted to say I love your art unfortunately I do not have enough money for one so I use a regular baby doll and I take care of it every day. Some good news is that I am getting a reborn from a different artist on amazon who isn’t as good but oh we’ll she under 80 dollars that’s all I can afford she is blonde inserted hair 19 inches and she has eyelashes and I’m very excited and I live in michigan and I really do love your art

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