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Box packing Nichole Ann – The SMN Show #351

The latest SMN Show is now on youtube.
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Reborn baby dolls details:
Reborn Birth Date : 2 July 2013<br />Length : 16 Inches
Weight : 4 lb
Doll Kit : Tayla by Denise Pratt
Limbs : 3/4 arms / 3/4 legs
Body : Jointed doe sued body
Hair Color : Brown
Hair Type : Painted
Eye Color : Brown
Eye Type : Eyeco
Eye lashes : No
Eye brows : Yes
Lips : Natural Pink / Sucking blister / slight gloss
Paints Used : Real Effects air dry paints
Weighting Materials : Tiny Glass beads – Stuffing – Micro glass beads
Complexion Type : Caucasian Newborn Skin Coloring
Nails : Full Manicure and Pedicure

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8 thoughts on “Box packing Nichole Ann – The SMN Show #351

  1. hiya nikki she is so so cute and looks really did a great job couldnt of done better.

    xxxx from fae

    can i see miah on the show.

  2. she is super cute, I cant reply on you tube so I talk here luv your work. your sooooo talented.

  3. hiya Nikki i have a question

    when you order your reborn doll and you want extra thing to go home with it how do we tell you want we want and how do we know how much it is ?

    from Fae
    PS :pleas answer ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. hiya Nikki that helped me a lot but plz don’t expect me to be ordering a reborn doll i will be but not right now i just want to be prepared ill order a reborn nearer to my birthday witch is the 11th of January .thank you nikki

    from fae xx ๐Ÿ˜€

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