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Little Liam has his box packing done – The SMN Show #350

Liam is a tiny reborn baby boy…he is only 10" long.
His doll kit is the Byron by Denise Pratt.

You can see Liam's photo shoot here –

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5 thoughts on “Little Liam has his box packing done – The SMN Show #350

  1. hiya Nikki sorry to bother you and i hope this is not to much to ask but do you have to pay for the mow hair conditioner and the baby powder and the charm .how do you ask for extra thing for example like if you want some bottles or more outfits or something like that.can you give me a rough idea of how much the shipping would be to the UK.I’m so sorry if that’s to much to ask. from Fae xxx oooo
    😀 (^_^). P.s can you please answer because you never anwser

  2. hiya Nikki sorry to bother you again but do you have nuk bottles in Australia the reason why i am asking you so many questions is because im saving my money up to buy one so i want to know from Fae 😀 (^_^)

    P.S can you plz answer plz

  3. yes, we get nuk bottles in Australia.

    How do I calculate shipping cost?
    – Add your product/s to your Shopping Cart.
    – Click Shopping Cart in the top right of menu
    – Under your Shipping cart content, you can calculate the cost of shipping by selecting your delivery location.
    – Then Click update to receive shipping cost options

  4. hiya nikki when i found out you replied i was so exited .thank you very much for the information it helped me alot. from faexxx miah is so grown up i cant be leave it

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