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Annette Himstedt no longer in Production.

Reading through colliii today I came across some sad news Annette Himstedt is no longer in production.
During this time when the dollar is at is worst, I just hope reborn business around the world hold strong and pull through.

Annette Himstedt to cease production.

With a great deal of surprise we heard
today through a newsletter that Annette Himstedt is closing down,
effective of the end of the year.At
the end of last year it was clear that changes had to be made with
Annette Himstedt. Appearances at doll shows were cancelled and the
worldwide personell was reduced to under 40 to streamline.

A lot of criticism came as a result of this, and the currency conversion to the US Dollar hasn't helped this plight.

Himmstedt raised their US prices, the sales fell back correspondingly,
due to the slow down in the US market amongst other reasons. At this
point it was a clear sign of the way things would go.

In the
newsletter Annette Himstedt wished fairwell and thanked the customers
for over 25 years of support. It is a shame that a true German company
will cease to trade and bring such happiness to their customers.

Himstedt leaves a large hole in the market as their dolls offered the
modern collector a fresh look that was truly unique

Here are some of the dolls from 2006.

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One thought on “Annette Himstedt no longer in Production.

  1. Im so upset to hear of her closing down, ive collected her dolls for many years,and have been looking at getting another this year. Best wishes for her health and happiness in the future.

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