Reborn Baby Dolls

3 custom order doll finished for their mummies.

I've taken a few photos of 3 new custom order remake reborn dolls I have finished for their mummies. I just adorable this stage, when they are all looking so cute in their outfits.

The one in pink is a remake of Poppy, the boy is Mason and little Savannah.
These three have to have their photos taken and then they will be sent home to their mummies.

If you have fallen in love with any of them, you can order your very own from the "Order a Remake Reborn Doll" section of the website.




3 thoughts on “3 custom order doll finished for their mummies.

  1. Nikki is it okay if I could buy mason on July 30th cause my mom might have the money by that day!!! And I really like him so I want to buy him before he fades away again!!! So can I buy him maybe on July 30th? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee I will beg u till death

  2. Wow, she is gorgeous! Her face is petfecrly done. And she has the same name as me! =D I’m looking forward to what you post for her. Hhmm . other dolls Maybe a Japanese girl with pretty long black hair?

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