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Soft Touch Rooting Tool Kit

A soft touch rooting tool kit that has been specifically designed for reborn doll artists by Nikki Holland.
The tool is soft and flexible and very comfortable in your hand, especially during those long hours of hair rooting.

Kit includes: 
 – Storage Box / Stand
 – Pen Grip (Black)
 – Teardrop Grip (Black)
 – Tri Grip (Black)
 – Needle Insert Sleeve (Blue)
 – Needle Protector Cover (Red)
 – Needle Storage Tube + 2 x 38g Ultra Felting Needles 

– Reduces needle breakages.
– Soft & Flexible – Bends into hard spots like behind the ears.
– Reduces hand fatigue – 3 grip styles to rotate hand positions to avoid RSI.
– No metal parts scratching off your paintwork.
– Everything in one spot – No more loosing needles or tools.
– Uses cut or un-cut needles (uncut is prefered)

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