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Sneak Peak – Baby Breathing Mechanism by SMN

Hi Guys, I just wanted to share with you all, our first working prototype of our Reborn Breathing Mechanism. We are not ready to release it just yet but wanted to show you what it will kind of look like breathing. It still has changes to be done but please let us know what you all think 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peak – Baby Breathing Mechanism by SMN

  1. That is really neat is it battery operated ?Will you use it under a belly plate or inside of the body? I seen a baby on a u-tube video that had one in it I thought it was pretty neat but could never find where they sold it at.Great idea I like the rings and plugs also no more gluing.Too bad the haven’t thought of that idea in America. Bountiful Baby could use some of your marketing ideas. Reborn’s by Terry

    1. Yes its battery operated 🙂 It will go inside the body but a belly plate can be added on top of th body to see it breathing (the belly plate in the video is just sitting ontop of the cloth body)
      Glad you like the Rings and Plugs…I hope it helps others as much as it helps me.

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