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SMN LIVE reborning changes..

Due to the glitches and problems with the feed. The LIVE reborning stream with reborn artist Nikki Holland will now be broadcasted on

Nikki Holland is broadcasting SMN LIVE reborning most days between 10AM – 4pm AEST

Tune in LIVE 
Be sure to tune in and feel free to ask questions in the chat room along the way..
There is currently no audio, there is only a live video stream, however there is a chat room available..
The best parts of the stream will be recorded for viewing after the LIVE event and available for viewing in our ustream video archives..

Thanks for watching….

For instant updates for when we go LIVE join us on these social networks:
Nikki Holland on Twitter twitter

SMN Facebook group SMN on Facebook



Previously recorded videos can be found at: stickam live feed

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