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Reborn doll Kate Louise is off home – box packing – The SMN Show #345

Kate Louise is a custom order doll who was designed by her mummy.
She is so looking forward to her arrival home for cuddles.

Her doll kit is the Muffin by Donna RuBert doll kit.

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11 thoughts on “Reborn doll Kate Louise is off home – box packing – The SMN Show #345

  1. hi nikki finally you have a new box opening video she is amazing you did a wonderful job.have you decorated you nusery because it looks difrent anyway if you did its really cute.guess what my mums pregnat shes 14 weeks ive all ways wanted to be a big sister im so happy yay but i will still collect reborns.please can you comment back please.

    from fae 😀

  2. iv watched all your shows I love the way you give out stuff with the dolls you seem like a really nice person ……. and u treat them dolls lovley u seem young to have kids but if u do bet your a lovley mum …. anyway may I ask you whats your cheapest heavyest baby girl x

  3. hi nikki do you have the kit rayn by natalie scholl if you do would it look better with extream mottling and if you dont will you ever get the kit befor christmas.

    fae 🙂 xx

  4. hi nikki how many cloths did she go home with pls pls pls pls awnser back pls
    thank you

    from fae xxx

  5. Hi i am bethany and it is neally my birthday and i would like two reborn dolls a boy and a girl pleace and i will pay you at the end of the mounth. Could i have them both for 300 pound .My birthday is January the 4th

  6. I cant find any black dolls on here can you make some or do you have any websites I can go to

  7. please make black dolls my mom wont let me have white babies or can you please give me a website to go to

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