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Reborn Doll Breathing Mechanism Update – The SMN Show

Hey Everybody,
We've been hard at work designing the new breathing mechanism for reborn dolls. This is just a little progress update regarding breathing mechanism and we would love to hear your feedback. 

These realistic Breathing Simulation Mechanism can now be added to your custom order reborn doll, they are available for custom order dolls between the size of an 18" reborn baby, all the way up to toddler sized reborn dolls and are available for purchase here:

Our Breathing Mechanism accurately simulates a real babies breathe, and can be easily felt when your hand is resting on the chest.

How to use your breathing mechanism:
Pressing on the chest of your reborn baby, will activate a switch inside the body, and your babies chest will start to beat for around 20 minutes, before automatically turning itself off.

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