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Reborn Baby Girl Hannah by Nikki Holland – The SMN Show 24

The SMN Show 24:

Reborn Birth Date : 27 February 2011
Length : 21 Inches
Weight : 5lb 2oz 
Doll Kit : Chrisy by Pat Moulton
Limbs : 3/4 arms / 3/4 legs
Body : Jointed doe sued body
Hair Color : Ash Blonde
Hair Type : Mohair 
Eye Color : nil
Eye Type : nil
Eye lashes : Yes
Eye brows : Yes
Lips : Natural Pink / Sucking blister / slight gloss
Paints Used : Genesis Heat set paints
Weighting Materials : Tiny Glass beads – Stuffing – Micro glass beads
Complexion Type : Caucasian Skin Coloring / Peach and Cream
Nails : Full Manicure and Pedicure

What is The SMN Show? – The show is a wide collection of presentations made by the Still Moments Nursery team for your viewing pleasure. We will be covering all areas of reborning from Nikki's own personal reborn dolls, Reborn Tutorials, LIVE Webcam shows, Pictures shows, Doll shows and lots more.



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