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Reborn baby dolls for sale

I have a couple of completed dolls looking for homes.
They range is size from 7" to 20" long, so there is something to suit everyone 🙂
There is limited edition kit Monkey by Bonnie Brown, and the tiny smiling bubs by Marita Winters….all are needing loving homes and lots of cuddles xoxo

Here are the little ones currently available for sale.



If you havnt seen your dream baby here, you can always Custom Order your very own doll to your liking.

7 thoughts on “Reborn baby dolls for sale

  1. oh my max is adorable is he still available to adopt if so how much i want a boy for my first then a little girl after are they hard to keep up don’t want if they get hurt easy it word brake my heart please get back to me on him Thank you.Lisa

  2. What os the cheapest one you hace that is maybe 200 or less dollars. And, why do they have to be so expensive, they’re just dolls amd sure you work hard on them but that doesnt mean you have to make them super expensive.

  3. I would like a baby please I want a baby please I am going to have a baby shower on June 8th but I don’t have a baby yet so I’m going to just have wan on June 2cd so I am going to just go and pick out some stuff for my baby girl please send me a baby girl please and I will be able to have a baby shower on June 8th. Hi I am Haley, I love you so much for the baby girl and I am going to go and pick out the baby girl clothes. I love your videos you make. I love you so much.

  4. Interested in Zoe is she still available I would like her with light brown hair and what’s the price

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