Paint Brushes for reborn baby doll Artist’s. We have many types of different brushes for different situations. Click on the brush for detailed descriptions.

What is the key difference between a semi-realistic reborn doll and an incredibly lifelike reborn doll? Answer: Brushes! The right brushes make it easier to create an authentic looking baby. Having the right brushes makes creating a beautiful baby more enjoyable since you get more accurate results. Would you use a big fat felt pen to draw eyebrows? Answer: Of course not! If you did it would look like your baby had a mustache above each eyebrow. By using the right brush, the Authentic Reborn Eyebrow Brush, you can paint authentic “hair-thin” eyebrow hairs that admirers can mistake for real hair!

Each step is so different – from pouncing to defining wrinkles and creases – you need the right brushes on hand.

With our huge range of brush’s you can create the detail needed to make incredibly authentic babies. Invest in the best and you’ll always get the better results.

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