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New RDC with USB Heating & Light

We have been working hard to bring you the latest release of our RDC…it now comes with heating pads and a light.
– Are you tired of having to warm up your rice sock?
– Breaking to many Needles?
– Need more light?
Well we have solved all these with the USB version of the RDC.

Great for Micro-rooting

We have 4 sizes available in the straight RDC aswell as 4 matching angled attachments to give you even more angles to get behind ears, back of head etc
The heating pads and light run on USB, so they are safe to use inside your dolls head without the risk of electrocution or burning the vinyl.

Purchase the full pack and save $$$

Here is the link to our new version of the RDC –
We hope you all like it as much as we do 🙂

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