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My reborning / painting setups – The SMN Show #359

I thought i would do a video on my work areas and take you through my tools and setups.
I hope you all enjoy the tour and if you have any questions leave them in the comments box 🙂
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8 thoughts on “My reborning / painting setups – The SMN Show #359

  1. hi nikki its weird seeing the reborn’s not reborned .it must take forever to reborn a reborn but its the time a care that is most inportent . cant wait for you reborn doll box packing videos to come xx

    fae xx

  2. Hi nikki. I didn’t realize how many tools it takes to make a reborn. My husband and I watched this video and we were amazed at how detailed every reborn actually is. I wish I had your talent keep up the great work!!!

  3. Ok your dolls are so cute but to high for so could u just maybe make me a doll and I could probably pay to 100 to200 thx

  4. How can I buy one and does it come with the certificates and the cloth and all of that

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