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Mushroom Hair Rooting Tool includes 5x FREE Felting Needles


Mushroom handle rooting tool – 5x 38g Ultra Micro-Root Felting Needles!

To achieve the most realistic looking hair on your reborn dolls requires the use of the right tools and needles.
This is the most comfortable, ergonomic tool available on the market today.
The handle is nice and small with a easy to hold handle with a long
shaft, so rooting around ears and back of head is a lot easier.

  • New pin vise now with a metal chuck to safety secure your needles.
  • Great for small hands.
  • Can be used as a hand drill to drill out the nose holes.
  • Includes 2 collets
  • The vise measures approximately 3" (76 mm) long
  • FREE BONUS – 5x 38g Ultra Felting Needles (Pre-Cut)




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