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I would like to let you all know about a post I read on a Reborn forum. It was in regards to Mohair Quality and Dying.   Our Mohair we stock is graded by Microns and is tested objectively by laboratories using scientific equipment. The fibre is rarely stronger than 32 microns, with a large proportion of it being graded as kid fibre. ie under the critical 30 micron marker which divides Kid from Adult grades.

There are many different yarns for sale claiming to be Mohair or a Mohair blend. The discerning buyer needs to beware of yarn described in very vague or general terms. Mohair varies greatly in quality and fineness and is priced accordingly.

Super fine Kid will be most expensive, but something described simply as Mohair might be anything from Kid through to stronger fibre and much more likely to be at the stronger (cheaper end) of the fibre spectrum.

The best quality Kid Mohair should never be scratchy and should be soft and comfortable against the skin.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all mohair content in yarn is Kid Mohair and likewise resist the temptation to think that all Mohair is scratchy, based on a bad past experience.

Our supplier is pleased to say that over the past 20 years, the quality of Mohair world wide and Australian Mohair in particular has improved dramatically.

We hope that you have only enjoyable Mohair experiences from now on.

Our range of colours will increase and we will have 3 grades for you to choose from soon.

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