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Mini Reborn Breathing Mechanism – Now with button.

Mini Reborn Breather Update – 14 Jan 2019

We have just launched the latest version of our Mini Reborn Breathing Mechanism, this version now has a button for easier stop, start and restart operation, for better usability 🙂
The breather still runs on a rechargeable battery but the new button allows you to easily start the breathing without having to unplug and plug in the battery to start it.

The button also features a loud "clicking" sound, making it easier to here when you have clicked the button, when inside the Reborn doll body.

We hope you all enjoy the smaller breathers, now even your preemie babies can breath 🙂

Also a BIG thank you to everybody who has already purchased a breathing mechanism. We really enjoy seeing all the babies coming to life on social media, with the SMN breathing Mechanism.

We hope everybody has had an amazing Christmas period, and we would like to wish all our dolly friends a Happy New year.
Nikki Holland xx

mini breathing machine


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