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Look alike Reborn Toddler Indianna Allen

Reborn Toddler Girl Indianna Allen is a very happy look alike reborn toddler made specially for her mommy.
She has big brown eye which are her most striking feature and they set off her hair beautifully.

Reborn Birth Date  : 4 December 2010
Length  : 28"
Weight  : 10lb 2oz  
Doll Kit  : 
Kristeleta by Laura Tuzio-Ross

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One thought on “Look alike Reborn Toddler Indianna Allen

  1. Gorgeous work! I have a question I hope you won’t mind anerswing. Do you ever shoot in sunlight {as front light rather than backlight? ie.. photo #12 of her standing in front of the barn {just before the backlight images}? or was it an overcast day? The reason I ask is because most photographers are so afraid of shooting in full light. But yours is so beautiful!

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