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How To Find The Best African American Reborn Dolls – Article

I was reading through this article and thought it was a great idea.
The idea of having them in the same place is great but more credit should be shown towards each artist.

How To Find The Best African American Reborn Dolls -Article By Ray Baker

My website was founded because of the lack of information and
availability of ethnic Reborn Dolls. I started the site to help fellow
reborn enthusiasts track down the best African American Reborn Dolls
available on the Internet today.

Not everyone understands reborning, to the uninitiated it’s a world
of strange obsession, to the folks that do understand, it provides
endless hours of irreplaceable pleasure. That pleasure is derived from
beauty, artistry, and uniqueness of each doll, because just like human
babies, reborn dolls come in every conceivable shape size and color –
nowadays there are Caucasian, Asian, and African American Reborn Dolls.

The African American Reborn Dolls are particularly difficult to
find, as the majority of artist that make the dolls concentrate on
Caucasian babies. I started my website dedicated to finding new African
American Reborn Dolls because even now, with the vast power of the
Internet, African American Reborn Dolls are very difficult to track
down as there are only a very limited number of artists who specialize
in these African American Reborn Dolls.

Reborn dolls are exactly as they sound, they are dolls that have
been stripped of their factory finishes and been “reborn” and
transformed in to realistic looking babies. After having undergone a
number of processes including repainting, re weighting, and the
addition of realistic hair, special effects such as tears, a heartbeat,
and tiny imperfections are created to make them appear even more
lifelike. While this may not sound particularly difficult to do, it is
a very challenging art form and the most respected artists can command
several thousand Dollars for each doll.

Reborn doll artists use very careful processes to make an ordinary cloth and vinyl doll look
like a real baby. The dolls are custom colored using multiple layers of
specialist paints to give the ‘babies’ their skin tone to make them
appear as closely related to their own ethnic groups as is possible,
like the African American Reborn Dolls for example. Whilst all kinds of
different dolls can be used to make reborns – these dolls are not made
for play, they are collector dolls made to be cherished and admired.

The demand for the dolls at the high-end of the market is always
extremely strong, but probably the fastest growing category is with the
African American Reborn Dolls, albeit from a much smaller base. This is
partly due to the fact there are fewer artist making African American
Reborn Dolls, but also because the rarity makes them a very good
investment – having said that, I must stress that the vast majority of
collectors collect for the love of their hobby (many would never
consider selling any of their dolls) and have little interest in making

Collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world are constantly
adding to their assortment of beautiful babies. The world of reborns is
a friendly close-knit community and you will always find helpful and
friendly advice – you’ll just need to ask. I have been collecting
unique dolls all my life, and I have always enjoyed artistic and
creative pursuits, but when I first discovered reborn babies my passion
was truly ignited. These delightful little babies are so beautiful
which is testament in large part to the talented artists who share
their art with the reborning community. You may have already guessed,
that my particular passion at the moment are the African American
Reborn Dolls.!

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