One thought on “History of Reborning

  1. When my daughter died I was searching for a way to keep her memory for her twin sister. It was then when I found the reborn baby dolls. This was 10 years ago… I messaged a lady about a baby and even though at the time I could not afford a baby of this magnitude I was determined to save for one. Joyce Moreno contacted me and she was very sweet and kind… she told me a lot about reborn babies and the way she got it started. It was Christmas 2006 a year after my baby died that I received a package in the mail. It was a beautiful reborn baby from Joyce Moreno. The most amazing little baby I could ever imagine receiving. It was so much like my own child it took just about 9 years for me to be able to even take it from the box and hold it. She was an amazing woman and I am very blessed to have a baby in the memory of my daughter from such a loving woman. Her memory will go on forever and especially in the reborn Doll world. She inspired me to give back to those who would greatly benefit from a memory baby. RIP Joyce Moreno!

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