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Completed Reborn Baby Girl Maryann *FOR SALE*

Another bubs is looking for a loving home and warm arms.
Please Welcome Reborn Baby Girl:

  Reborn Birth Date  :  3 August 2009
  Length  :  20 Inches
  Weight  :  5lb 7oz  
  Doll Kit  : Kinsey by Denise Pratt



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4 thoughts on “Completed Reborn Baby Girl Maryann *FOR SALE*

  1. Hello,
    I am amazed with Maryann’s beauty!!!
    If you can, will you send me the price?
    My birthday is October 8th.
    So I am getting ready with all this craziness. ;]

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Happy Birthday to you for the 8th…Hope you have a great day.

      As Reborn Dolls are made by hand there is only ever one available, but I would be more than happy to make a doll similar to Maryann.
      I have emailed you directly the quote price to have her made for you.

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