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Breathing Mechanism ~Pre Order NOW AVAILABLE~

To help us judge demand you can now PRE-ORDER your very own breathing mechanism for your reborn dolls. Be one of the very first to receive your breathing mechanism.


How long before I receive my breathing mechanism? Current estimated delivery time is 2-4 weeks depending on demand.

Our Breathing Mechanism accurately simulates a real babies breathe, and can be easily felt when your hand is resting on the chest. 

What's included:

  •   Breathing Mechanism
  •   Clip on Battery Box
  •   Stocking (pre installed)
  •   Foam wrapped

How to use your breathing mechanism:

  1.   Remove the single screw from the battery box, and remove the cover.
  2.   Install 4xAAA batteries into the battery box in the correct direction.
  3.   Turn the switch on the battery box to the ON position.
  4.   Pressing the button on the breather will activate your baby breather.
  5.    Your breathing mechanism will beat for around 20 minutes, before automatically turning itself off.

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