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Breathing Mechanism now available on the Custom Order forms

We have just added our Breathing Mechanism to the Reborn Custom Order forms for those wanting to have their baby to include a realistic breathing motion.
They currently start in the 18" size babies and are available up to 23" size babies, with the toddler and child sizes will be available soon.

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The Breathing Mechanism is a box that is inserted into the cloth body of your baby, and when operated makes the chest rise and fall to resemble a baby breathing.
A belly plate can be place on top of the body if you want a plate on your baby.

Here is a little test video we did during the designing so you have a visual idea of what to expect. (please note this is not the final product)

7 thoughts on “Breathing Mechanism now available on the Custom Order forms

  1. Hi
    will the breathing machines be available to buy separately
    So that we can put in our own babies if so when do you expect
    This to be do you have a price in mind
    At this present time I would like one for my personal baby with view to using her as a demonstration when I have her out in her pram.

    Kind regards

    1. HiĀ Gill Hickson,
      Yes they will be available at a later date but for now they are only available to be order in my Custom Order babies.
      The price to have the Breather added to a Custom order doll is $149 AUD

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