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Baby Simulation”BabySitMe” Mobile Phone App – with SMN voice box. The perfect combination.

Great new!! We have been in conversation with Rochelle Sadd, the creater of the “BabySitMe” Mobile Phone App, they have just recently released.

BabySitMe is designed to replicate an infant simulator when combined with your Reborn Baby. This app is perfect for anyone wanting to have a little extra fun while role playing with their Reborn Baby dolls.

It turns out that our Sound & Voice boxs, perfectly compliment the amazing “BabySitMe” Mobile Phone App.

“This Realistic Baby Simulation App will transform the way you play with your Reborn Baby Doll (or other Baby Dolls) forever!”

Be sure to also check out ShellBellsChannel on youtube, where you can see the “BabySitMe” app and the baby sound and voice box, being put to the test..

Sound & Voice Box will connect to the “BabySitMe” app via your phones Bluetooth connection. But you can also play the built in baby sounds. With powerful stereo speakers and a remote control for ease of use.

The BabySitMe app will also work with all our Breathing Mechanism’s that have the voice box addon.

Need longer lasting power for your SMN Sound & Voice Box to play BabySitMe for longer?
All of our latest models of Breathing Mechanism’s and Voice Boxes. Include a small USB Rechargeable battery pack. But you can upgrade to one of our larger size battery packs.

For the complete baby simulation experience. 

2 thoughts on “Baby Simulation”BabySitMe” Mobile Phone App – with SMN voice box. The perfect combination.

  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I love when people get creative with these things. I have that app on my phone but have never got round to looking at.

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