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8″ – 10″ handmade outfits

I am looking at getting in a range of clothing from 8" up to 10"
I would love to hear your comments and thoughts.

All are handmade (not by me) and are nicely finished.

8" Rompers (Blue, Pink, Green, white)
$16.00 each

8"- Romper (pink, blue, lilac, white, mint)
$18.00 each

8"- Silky Dress (Lilac, medium blue, pink)
$18.50 each

8"- Knit Romper (Cream)
$17.00 each

8"- Flannel Diaper and Shirt set (Blue, pink)
$16.00 each

8"- Knit Nightsac (pink)
$16.00 each

10" Christening Dress (Cream, lilac, pink, white)
$22.00 each

10" Pastel Romper (Aqua, blue, lavender, pink)
$17.50 each

If anyone is interested in buying any of these outfits let me know. you can order multiple quantities.
Nikki Holland

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