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Firstly we would like to apologies to all the community members who recently signed up for Show & Tell or the old forum. After having so much trouble synchronizing all the member account's we decided to start a new forum from scratch. The main problem we we're facing was trying to only have a single account for each user, but with so many different community ideas we had, it was making life a little hard. So we felt it was time for a complete overhaul and re-think of how to incorporate Show & Tell and the forum together in the one place. The new community forum advantages: When a new user  registers at the store they can choose there forum nickname at registration. This forum nick name will be used to log into the forum using the same password as there new store account password. Making it easier for you to remember your login details. The new forum is also ssl encrypted to keep all your private data safe and secure. We are still improving the overall look and feel of the forum and if you have any suggestions how we can improve upon this please be sure to let us know. Also Show and tell has also been moved to the forum for easy of use and to keep all community related parts of Still Moments Nursery in one place. I myself know that it can be very hard to keep track of all your online user-names and passwords and hope to make this as easy as possible for our members. So if your a forum guru or even a forum newbie be sure to come join all the fun at the new Still Moments Nursery forum and perhaps meet some other reborn collectors and or Artist's. If your a previous user of the store you may need to re-register your store account to receive your forum nickname. If you are experience any issue's with the new forum please be sure to contact us.

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