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2nd Place Winner in Shelley Halperin Contest

Just wanted to let everyone know that a Still Moments Nursery customers won 2nd Place in the contest by Shelley Halperin.

A little from the artist :
My nursery name is Sheryl’s Sweethearts Nursery, I have been reborning now for about 4 years and loving every minute of it.
I am a mum of 3 and a grandmother of 3 with only my youngest at home.
I live in Sunshine.
I sell on ebay under sheryls-sweethearts, I used to sell under pigletsbitsnbobs now I just use that for other stuff and sell the reborns totally under sheryls-sweethearts.
Please view my website Sheryl’s Sweethearts Nursery

Here are the pics of the reborn.Hope you like her I love Shelley Halperin doll kits

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